New Weekly Photo Series: Detroit Homes


When I initially came up with the idea of starting a blog about Detroit, I envisioned it being strictly a platform for me to post positive images of the city. After much consideration, I decided that I wanted to not only showcase positive images of the city, I also wanted this blog to encompass the many parts that are central to Detroit’s comeback – most importantly the people of Detroit.

With that being said, I’ve decided that one way to infuse photography into the blog would be by starting a weekly photo series in which I post photos that I have taken of homes in Detroit. There will be no photos of burned out or vacant homes. Some homes will be grand and have unique architectural details, while others will be modest homes in working class neighborhoods that show the pride that many Detroiters have when it comes to maintaining their properties.

[Rosedale Park]

I am an amateur photographer and I am still learning how to use my camera and how to properly edit photos. Even with my amateur skills, I hope that I will still be able to convey through my images my love for Detroit.

Let me know what you think.




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