Detroit Neighborly Love

While on a stroll through Detroit’s Grandmont community, I had the pleasure of witnessing Detroit neighborly love firsthand. It happened when I stumbled upon the home pictured below. The well manicured lawn in the backyard and the size of the home caught my attention, so I decided to take a few pictures of it.



After I finished taking pictures, an older gentlemen, whose name is James, from across the street noticed me and said hello. I greeted him back. After we exchanged hellos, he commented on the camera around my neck. He asked if I was taking pictures. I told him yes and explained that I was taking pictures for my blog and what my blog was about. He was pretty excited about the blog and asked me to bookmark it on his phone for him. I obliged. While I was trying to figure out how to navigate his phone, he asked me if I would like to take more photos of his neighbor’s house. I quickly said yes because at that point my pictures were only of the back of the home and taken from a distance.

We walked across the street and through the wrought iron gate. He introduced me to the homeowner, Brian, and eagerly told him about my blog and that I wanted to take photos of his home. Brian gave me the ok to photograph his home. Before I started taking more pictures, Brian requested that I bookmark the blog on his phone. 🙂

After snapping a few pictures, I had a chance to talk to both men about the community and changes happening in Detroit. It was a very enlightening conversation. They were both chock full of information about Detroit’s history and Detroit homes. I told them that the woman who was my children’s childcare provider lived one block over and how I went past her house to see if she still lived there, but it appeared that the house was vacant.




While we talked, Brian’s next door neighbor came over and joined in on the conversation. We laughed and talked for about an hour. They shared stories of how they looked out for each other. It was during our conversation that I found out that James and the 3rd neighbor (I can’t remember his name) are both retired police officers.

As our conversation came to an end, I thanked the gentlemen for taking the time to talk to me and I thanked Brian for allowing me to photograph his beautiful home.

Everyone declined having their picture taken. I was kind of saddened by that but I respected their wishes.

Grandmont is a very stable community due to its active neighborhood organization and high rate of homeownership. Strong neighborhoods like Grantmont are vital to Detroit’s success. That’s why it is imperative that neighborhoods through out the city receive the same attention as Midtown and Downtown.

Information about the Grandmont community can be found here.



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