Detroit’s Eastern Market: Street Art

This past Tuesday I decided to take a trip down to Detroit’s Eastern Market. It was a long overdue trip. I hadn’t been down there in years. I’ve joined the “Buy Local” movement and thought what better way to support local producers than by going to the Eastern Market to buy my produce. Since it had been so long since I paid a visit to the Eastern market, I was not aware of all the street art I saw.


I couldn’t pass up taking a few photos of the street art that I spotted. I am pretty sure that there are more murals than the ones that I am posting, but I didn’t get a chance to see them. I will definitely make an effort the next time I am down there to take photos of the other street art murals.


It appears that the street art was commissioned and not the work of random graffiti artists.




What are your thoughts on street art?


2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Eastern Market: Street Art

  1. Great pictures! I’ve seen some awesome looking graffiti while driving around. We’re always on a bit of a time crunch with the babes after walking around the market, so we haven’t gotten to fully appreciate it though! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Thanks a bunch! Yes, there is a lot of cool graffiti around the city. I definitely will be photographing more. BTW, nice blog. I look forward to following your home improvement projects. Thanks for stopping by!

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